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Service Based Accounting Software

AMSL has been designed and developed; targeting small companies who can be benefited by maintain the account system and also accounting firm. The tenders can easily monitor their employee and the time they are working on.

The accounting integration interface allows administrators to export financial information such as report, profit and loss and also most of the documents and facts those are essential.

User types

  • Super Administrator
  • Semi Administrator
  • User / Employee


  • Fixed Asset
  • Current Asset
  • Current Asset-AR
  • Liabilities-AP
  • Long-term Liabilities
  • Short-term Liabilities
  • Expense
  • Income

Manage Account



Sales & Income


  • Fixed Asset
  • Current Asset
  • Current Asset-AR


  • Initial
  • Payable
  • Receivable


Financial Statement

  • Cash Flow
  • Profit $ Loss
  • Balance Sheet

Regular Form

All files are included

except package.json, only for Extended license.

AMSL is a Laravel based accounting software which is developed in Laravel php, VueJs, Vue Router, and Mysql Database. We did not use complex and heavy technologies in order to make it light, fast, data and report oriented.