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Handy people always dedicated for their client and they always try to stay with their customer through their better service. Handybaba.com is a place where client and handy people meet together and through negotiation client hire the handy people for their service. Here you will find all types of handy people and according to your demand you can hire handyman. The dedicated handyman always try to serve you according to your demand. So through Handybaba.com ask for handyman and just relax. Within short time handyman will reach at the door and solve your problem. Life will be easy and so beautiful.

What is the specialty of Handybaba.com?

Handybaba.com have some special criteria which will differentiate it from others. Every organization have some values and exceptional service to be different from others. According to this, Handybaba.com have some specialties to attract there customers. The most powerful thing is that the dedication and personal skill of handyman. The handyman believes in their skilled service and always prepares to accept the challenges for dynamic changes in marketplace.

1. You can hire all types of handyman from this platform
2. You don't have to wait long for their service to your door
3. You can hire from any part of the world
4. You can find the closest handyman who is available right at that moment you need the service.

How the project is developed?

After getting the project we set up a team for the operation as we complete the project.
Handybaba.com is developed in HTML, PHP, SPSS, JAVASCRIPT, Laravel, Vuejes.

Project Length: 208 days
Project Budget: 22000 €

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